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Kejahilan (Bandcamp 2014)

   Modern sounds of how Grunge finds its way sneaking into this small kingdom of upper Northern Borneo island that considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world today – surprising you by their Modern Alternative Rock music are these rock trio from Brunei Darussalam named Eda Brig which consisting of Alif “Chief” Ahmad (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Salleh “Bboy” Hasbi (bass, keyboards, strings and drums) to Rine “Boy” Daud (drums, tambourine) with their friends’ helps has brought the new face of Progressive Indie Rock sounds that might changed the face of their once being sees by the outside world as a backward fanatics nation (but) within Visi - their album; you shall realized or at least – head banging a lot while listening to Truth or Rumour, Hello!, Monster and the funky-beats Mr. Darbuka Man with more slower mellow experimental Progressive World Music with Malays traditional tunes touch correctly in both English and Malays lyrics written as the good techniques shown by the group very well.

Visi (LP):