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Ka’iwi (Independent Label Service 2016)

   Yup, the six-piece group hailing from the warmth St. Petersburg, FL and bring their blended cheering session musical sounds of the mix between Reggae/Dub, West African beats and Electronic-Pop for established the meaningful search on finding measurements of equality and happy fun times for the weekend and the rest of the days in your life within the powerful groovy and danceable presentations via Gold Under The Glow which particularly both artistic and social has a great fully wiser meaning along with the tracks recorded and composed on it. Chris Powers, David Johnson, David New, Matt Poynter, Patrick Klemawesch and Paul Chlapowski  - The Hip Abduction camouflaging their existence within these good harmony sounds performance into the more Indie-Pop format in order to share this with wider audiences from the tropical islanders to the metropolis people hunger for the natural touches within the grooves that comes and hugging you on Before We Lose Our Mind, Higher, All I Need, Come Alive, Crazy as well as Stand Up for Love. 

Awesome ensemble ! 

Gold Under The Glow: