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Jupiter Kush (Bandcamp 2017)

   United Kingdom’s Groovy Psychedelic Stoner Rock presentations shall forever will be awesome and great as the Britons developing their own militant melodic and riff-age bursting power explosively and exclusively would making you feel guilty for not trying to taste them on your stereo as just the reasons emerge while the chance to have Devil’s Witches works like this recording of Velvet Magic which not only spreading the spirits of Hard Rock harder or putting more occult’s spells upon you and the rest like thin mist of hypnotics as the displaying of nude woman or the goat symbolized the unity between the beast and the vessel womb which later on creating a whole new beginning for the world to experience. Doomy fuzzed and grooves reacts to collides together as you might wanted to burn the weeds within friends or the fellowship to get stoned whilst the blaring tempos standard of rocking further melodic buzzed distortions emerge with Black Cauldron, Pornodelic Opium Dreams, Voodoo Woman or Motorpsycho – shall tearing down the veils of lies in front of your small society to accepting the light of day through Stoner Rock saviors of Pagan’s brotherhood band.

Velvet Magic: