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Jambalaya Schooled (Bandcamp 2015)

Slamming through their power-grooving beats like a Modern Metal band turning the course for playing more Math Rock hailed themselves as a duo from Denton, TX: Biscuit Head’s instrumentalist group of drummer Chelby Hanks and guitarist Wes Sivertson perhaps are just ordinary and healthy human being not the boys with swollen skin-diseases on their face; releasing the record of Other Ways to Fight Torture which mastering by Austin Black as well as listed these experimental Progressive Rock purposes themed along with the duet’s seven tracks shown there. For you whom loving guitar music and free-form of non-vocals sounds will definitely finding this album as a must become favorite among others. Biscuit Head reliable on their compositions for Anthem for 20,000 Homeless Children or The Mall is No Place for a Quall which followed by James Quall – confusing and complicated with a very much alive doubtless head-banging riffs and decent melodies in between the conquering compressed beats that would spreading the journey sounds to everywhere not just around themselves.