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Jaffa Illusions (Counter Records 2016)

   Finding a Future Jazz and Down-Tempo mixed New Age with Progressive Pop and soulful tunes redirected from your lost of transmissions to the exact point where one may finding Submotion Orchestra as a great talented seven-pieces live original musicianship group originated from Leeds – UK with their neat and professional musical developments and or the magical wonderful mixing of music within the balance of both modern and classic ones which performed by thus bass-line grooves dense texture and progress beats which consisting of vocalist Ruby Wood, Tommy Evans the drummer, keyboardist Taz Modi to percussionist Danny Templeman, Chris “Fatty” Hargreaves on bass guitar or Simon Beddoe the trumpet player brought to their audiences whom already being patience waiting for the best acclaimed softening tones or spiritual beats like the error forms of Jazzy EDM style or the deeper Chill-Out with Salsa or Blues or Dub-step and more particular particles that binding all of those smaller pieces that glues everything to be entertaining and enjoyable to listen here on the latest album from them – Colour Theory. Older people or some yuppies or anyone else would love for hearing More Than This, Red Dress, Kimono to Amira comes alive through the stereo system and radiates outside. 

Colour Theory: