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Isobel Fall (Kilk Records 2011)

   Irregular format of a delicious J-Pop solo project from Yuka Kurihara whom actually a Bristol/Japanese song-writer, singer and collaborator within many co-working within many musicians making thus sort of music variety towards her brilliant talents and instinct to knitting harmony melodies and greater satire touches of Indie-Pop and sensible modern Uka's Folk form sounds in this classic mellow but enchanting explorations of her releasing record Lullaby For The Evil. Feels the soft tunes played by piano or strings arrangement burst like the magical female sprites songs of the deep forest in regular wrapping Pop cinematic and awesome to listen for your soul reaching the depth tranquility – leaving away thus problematic issues around you which now seems pictured as unimportant things anymore. 
   English title songs like Inner Stream, Retrospect, Silence, Orion or Nome really cementing an actual meaning of melodious peace of Jazzy breath of Indie-Pop.  

Uka's Lullaby for The Evil: