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Is Pen A Penis ? (Bandcamp 2017)

   City of Brussels, Belgium as being shocked by the terrorist attacks recently also still having a good sense of surprising gift for you all the fanatic listeners of Punk-Rock and Semi-Hardcore/Garage-Pop sounds just like the measurements equality made well by this local group calling themselves – Frau Blucher and The Drunken Horses; a female fronted pretty fast Punk-based band which consisting of lead vocalist Veronica Martinez, Mathias Salas on guitars/vocals, Yves Vranckx the bass player and vocals to Jean Meert behind the drum-set and background vocals with the additional energy pumping through the brass section played by the leading saxophonist Bruno Margreth as the backing vocals choir of Drunken Horses with its huge members in mixed genders giving their best to get drunk - and singing the back-up for the band. Completely a unique and talented musical presence there for the recording release album of Uber Fenomenal, carrying thus riffs of confusions over the vast changing of the world-wide today in every parts from important to none but destroying itself from the inside as you might be searching the same answer for the closely similar questions and protests using some kind of fun arguments but still reliable and smart thing to do like the screaming critics of tons on lyrics via the songs of these Socio-Punk materials on Wake Up, Mama Said No, Carpe Diem, Bite Your Tongue, After All, Good Girl and Brainwashed that seems like non-stopping even for minutes within the sick melodies and good choruses as the real world’ protesting music you needed.  

Uber Fenomenal: