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Irish Marchin (Belfast Baby Boom Records 2014)

   Jonathan Hamilton did not thinking about being a good role model for the world around him as the alias of his own Hip-Hop/Gangsta-Rap as well as himself as being a non-heroic spoken-words poet from Manchester – UK as Jun Tzu that keeps on going to write down what he would likes, what he wanted to say and hell that he would not care less about what others may say to him or about his works just staying true to himself as life – itself already testing this guy plenty and you know what ? Yes, Jun Tzu survived that. From the background history and childhood memory within the great mixing for Classic Hip-Hop/Rap Music and Celtic Traditional sounds or samples; the recording of The Troubles coming to release and hits the prospects corners of the surface internet connector as for Jun Tzu himself; an explicit facilitator on spreading these songs and words he wrote from the reality truth and life-experiences as well as thus social values sparkling on every common people’s middle-class living on this modern age. More Folkish Hip-Hop(ers) than the most commercial nowadays Black Music and the unique blending that makes Jun Tzu sounded magical via A Cause Worth Living For, Bloody Brothers, Sorry Mummy, My Daddy to Wee Johnny as well as the introspective opening track on Born in Belfast; raging the phenomenon like a heroic sound while the artist didn’t really wanted to put himself on that kind of spot … 

The Troubles: