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Insular Girl Clara (Weiner Records 2015)

Gazing by monotonous, depressive in a box type of lyrics or just thus enjoyable (for some) slow beats that didn’t quite recovering any spiritual consciousness but standing closer to Pop Music in general; you might feeling a little bit low when you demanding these Indie Rock format led to sad romantic as being influenced heavily by Joy Division in common but separates off decades with the French connection group of mixed gender players – Tomorrow Massacre. 

Meet yourself with the living musicians like Kevin Paul Cahay, Eleonore Navarro, Paul Pechenart or Esteban Avellan releasing the Square Fruits record and filling it with non-gladness themes like Silver Leaf, Peaches & Tangerine, Not in The Eyes to Apple & Cinnamon with their English lyrics and sending the tubular weirdness messages to the next days if you decided to follow the last steps of Ian Curtis or at least, this Frenchy band’s gloomy cold road where the music went slow and the vocals sounded desperately in deep broken pain. 

Square Fruits: