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Inframundo Retengo (Bandcamp 2013)

Mysterious within their biography as a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina but still the mixing of the great Hard Rock, Stoner Metal and Psychedelic Punk Rock derelicts would raising your interest once you get a grab holding to Herpes’ self-titled recording release as the front cover looks simple but showing an occult-influenced stronger with thus powerful grooves toward the band’s track-listing songs – all in Spanish as for examples: Plasticidio, Fiebre Matinal, La Induccion, Tumbas De Hormigon and Carnaza Comun that should forcing you to do a standing ovation, hat’s off and head-banging more while listening them cracking the shit out of your stereo today. Miraculously, led the attractive likes for such a planned purpose following the footsteps of either Clutch, Kyuss or even Wino himself in common grounding semi-extremity music blasts made by Herpes themselves. Be fucking blown away by feasting your thirst over a good Stoner Rock recording with this mysterious powerful album debut. 

Herpes 2013: