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Incubi Nights (Bandcamp 2013)

Brazen Bull is the title of the record and Centipede is the name of the band that did releasing it proudly – slower killing the audiences with heavy riffs and punchy drumming as like the adopted sons of Tony Iommi’s mastering power-chords and semi-trashy version of your favorite Doomster legendary groups; these Helsinki, Finland band formed as a trio of Markus Nurminen (guitars, vocals), Ville Pirhonen (bass) and Eero Wallenius (drums) might stung your ears like a real Stoner Metal Centipede as the creature comes within their poisonous extended play album told us the horrific torturing methods off the old ancient Greek mythology where one or more people put inside the bronze bull statue and getting grills in temporary times as you might didn’t want to imagine that happens to you. The occultism effects spreading within the bursting sounds that brought by Doomy Stoner Metal music from the trio – as Desert Lair or Caskets and Times Long Gone shall giving an interactive terror in various speed tempos as the angry riffs exploding hatred and depressions just like thus whom perfectly loved how Crowbar did already but this time mixed with more mid-tempo cracking riffs as you might found on Corrosion of Conformity recordings. 

Brazen Bull: