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Imprisoned Torment (Sevared Records 2016)

   Manny Casas (vocals), Derick Harshbarger (guitars), Angel Gaeta (bass) and Colin Foster (drums) the four-piece Death Metal absurd crew from Lafayette – Indiana comes to delivering the insane images about the destructions of mankind and their civilizations as themed on the cover of the artwork from the album fully preserved with brutality and fear and total annihilation – Perverse Devolution. Breeding Filth is the kind of Death Metal band that you wanted to have as collections; they’re sounding mean, they’re really destructive whether you with them or not and there’s no guaranteed that you will not be consumed as well by the terrible giant creature appearing down with the thunderous lightning and storm as the planet being slowly destructive from within and outside – the mass of victims countless now being fry by the hellish fire of eternal damnation. All because of our own faults that ripped and sow in time which is now. Gagging on The Fumes or Eaten From the Inside or Lurid Master or even Sufferance of Savage Debauchery may relentlessly can be stopped as seemingly, quite permanent for the destruction of poor humans of the blue planet living, breeding, breathing without noticing this ! 

Perverse Devolution: