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Iheslaria Ama Lurra (GOI Music 2001)

   Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia or Funeral of Hope for Galdatako really means a lot but the mystery will be questioned always cause this album release from the Gipuzkoa, Basque Country area by the Black Metal band named Numen; must be a presentation of a war declaration to the long presence of anger and hatred resistance of freedom towards the land from the nationalist regime governments but also don’t you forgetting about the darker deep evil lurking from thus displays of occult temptations and messages held to burst out quickly like fang’s bite marks from the group to their listeners as being consistence within Denboraren Iluntasuna (Time of Darkness), Mendiaren Irrintzia (Clocks) or Gau Hotz Isilaren Magalean (Cold Night’s Hillside) comes like a blasting raw Classic arts of Black Metal in fast and crushing beats – leaving only a few survivors after they’re passing through your county. 
The themed lyrics of either nature, battles and Basque legends really would giving the audience a worth reasons listening and later try to find something more about the background resistance behind the Basque territory long history of rebellion towards injustice. 
With Lander (bass, flute, alboka), guitarists Jabo and Xabier, Eol the keyboard player, Eihar on drums and lead vocalist Aritz Navarro turn this Folkish Black Metal extremity into an artistic forms of resistance media.