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I Cry Small (Mercury 2001)

Distinctive mixes of commercial non-hits for Trip-Hop, Jazz to Dub breaks or Synth-Pop with Drum N’ Bass duet Electron from Manchester known as this simple Lamb or as personal Louise Rhodes (vocals) and Andy Barlow (music) within the trade-marking crisps heard beats sequence to the haunting eerie vocals combination just like you wanted to imagine and listen through Lamb’s third album – What Sound. The binary combinations off Left-field, Trip-Hop and Down-tempo might be a new beginning for Electronic-circuit series music sounds to emerging to the surface once the coasts are clear for landed less-monitored but slowly invades as the genre’s develops even greater and healthy since the new millennium begins. Feel the emotional motionless and touch of a seriously electro-magnetic field music mix via Sweet, One, Scratch Bass, Heaven to Gabriel and Blessing in Disguise; the melodies and solo keys performance dominates the atmosphere as the beats brace and the scene getting mystical. 

What Sound: