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I Am Distress (Avantgarde Music 1996)

Noticed for changing the band’s identity from the name used to be wear on themselves – Thergothon onto a more Modern Rock version like This Empty Flow which actually, a good band from Finland as now sending their debut recording album Magenta Sky with thus medicine for curing sickness on the band’s slower music beats that founded by Jori Sjoroos and Niko Sirkia  adding their friends like Aku-Tuomas Mattila and Jukka Silanpaa as the band’s music sounded mellow but not that lame because there are more melodies floating around while the band suddenly tries to open their perspective and inner ideas again so that the particles within the music didn’t becoming a wasted as the group really knows how to lifting-up the family burdens and the left-behinds by touching their sadness centre or talking the story about how your world already turning violent. Colder effects and smart moves really caught its priority to spiritually, moving people’s on from being stuck on the same holes, trapped inside the mud or being kidnapped by sea-monsters and chained by fear so you won’t escaping again. Feel free to returning the essential melodies via Useless, Stream, Towards Distant or Sweet Bloom of Night Time Flowers – creeping the eerie and loneliness secretly inside your baby’s rocking-chair.

Magenta Sky: