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Hypodermic Lust (Ungodly Ruins Productions 2013)

Brutal Death Metal with their bastardized of ears-deafening superb destroyer sounds and double pedals drumming that proudly representing Atco, New Jersey – USA as deadly quartet which concentrating their musical themed music and lyrics with the member compositions of drummer Mark Green, guitarist Mike Mayo, vocalist/growler Ken England to Lee Cozens the lead guitarist calling themselves Embludgeonment; seems to desecrates the values of the christians or praising it with non-precautions overlooking gore panorama via the front cover artworks of this releasing on Infinite Regress telling you about the days after the apocalypse struck the planet and those symbols perhaps, shall forever reminding about the day that mankind should not forgetting ever as the devastations radiates in every single living cells of our home planet – leaving none as survivors but rotten flesh or dead bodies and broken cross that left un-buried but displays as a pathetic embarrassment. 

Extreme shining melodic solos and destructive drumming as the growlers continue roaring through Intrusive Pure O, Judas Complex, Denomination Debauchery and Decease – penetrating deeper to your inner-conscious that thus end of days nearly comes. 

Infinite Regress: