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Hunter’s Moon (Massacre Records 2002)

Dressing-up in tights within the Modern Nu-Metal style would becoming, the style that might going to kill the career of the band’s entire great talents off the awesome Progressive Metal music which written down an epic, power and overcoming struggle around it as the central producing this better sounds from Helsinki; you might loving them – Tunnelvision; the five-piece rockers from the North territory creating their own distinctive melodies, grooves and extreme clean-sheet solidify between the performing musical skills independently through the second efforts here: Tomorrow. Vocalist Marko Waara, Vili Ollila on keyboards, Juhani Malmberg the shredder, bassist Lauri Porra and drummer Mika Rantanen trying to produced the record which might gone related to the story facts about how the Earth’s actually, having a disc shape as there’s not conclusion topics which supporting that completely there but other subjects which praising some kinds of knowledge or false technology related across thus Silence, Parasites, The Hermit (Wait and See), Don Juan’s Triumph or Ribbon of Tears even though the cover in blue might trying to express the relations. 

Anyway, enjoy the symphonic melodies jamming for those who loved the metallic grooves !