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Horologium (Bandcamp 2016)

   Exploding and fully attacks the sudden ordinary soft-tunes lovers with the Progressive Rock and earthy masterpiece bursts within the tracks recorded and written by Lazar of Hamburg, Germany – the lesser-known Stoner/Emo Rock group of quartet (Lukas, Matthias, Artur and Jorden) blown-up the Post-Rock surrounding splash that knowledgeable sounding like a machine music noise without any human activities on it before the vocalist open his mouth and scream later to be added but Calladius might be an album that surprisingly, letting those whom liking the type of explorations where thus theoretical common live band music should having the structure like our cultural-based originality and here; the cracking or techniques for music sounds reign supreme as the songs like Kazakhstan on four minutes to opening Munki might deleted your imaginative weak proposal to have a proper stable recording like an independent releasing of this Calladius from Lazar.