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Homicidal Torture (Pathologically Explicit Recording 2017)

   Bow down under the big knives as you finding MDMA – these Bilbao, Biscay/Basque Country’s Extreme Death Metal and Grind-Core duet of a local metal-head named Asier Badiola and Jorge Salgado showing that MDMA’s Slamming Gore-Death grinding music needs to be focused and carefully spotting for our attention just like a slasher psychopath that about to slicing his nude girl victim not for any ritual but just for fun as his soul needing to see more blood spilling off the releasing of this E.P Malicious Activity – over innocents or sinners but all for him is equally perfect to be slaughtered or mutilates slowly and painful as the killer doing it with a glad happy heart on a remote basement – somewhere on no man’s land or just simply, on a backyard warehouse where those fences bordering them from the outside world which actually – an urban area. Whether you got Euphoria After Murder or High on Genocide as one of your favorite soundtrack; just don’t forget that even madness of insanity can be cured by some kind of technology – make sure that the killing instinct will never be erased out from our animal-instinct quarters of DNA within …