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High Tower Ball (Bandcamp 2016)

   Whether seeing them live or onto the recording studio; a passionate trio of Alternative Rock group from Northern BC creating the smooth, heavy, steady, groovy and tighter funky to tasty pretty melodious to listening by the audience looking for a brand new wave turning to downbeat tempos in standard volume and softener distortions as the group being influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, something by Jason Mraz or Crosby Stills and Nash (CSN) by comparison for the harmony vocals within the Blues-rooted explorations music on this self-titled recording that has totally reaching some of the best level providing by these three talented young musicians: Eli Larsen (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Simon Stockner (drums) and Stephen deWit (bass guitar) remarkably taunting the Folk-Rock with Bluesy liner-notes roots for happiness, courage, non-selfishness and great sense of positive-ism towards those magnificent tracks of natural beating sounds that nailing local popularity already on themselves just like Underwater, Fortune, Everybody Knows, Drunk, This Train and Spanish Dancer – keeping no distance between two lovers or other experiences souls trying to have the best choice in Alternative Music like this one imported by The Racket !   

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