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Hidden Fetish In Oven (Ungodly Ruins Productions 2012)

   Sixteen tracks of gory bloodiest album release from these Nizhny Novgorod group praising their attractions to an anti-female/humans ideas of necrophilia, perversity, cannibalism, rape or gore in general off Russia Federations Death Metal Brutal Extreme scene as pornographic as evil and technically disturbing by artworks and themes; Decomposition of Humanity with Vadim Kurenko (bass guitar), Andrey Tezhikov (drums), Yuri Smirnov (guitars) and Aleksey Seleznyov (gore-vocals) completely sounding insane and perfectly brutal while disgustingly vomiting thus Sadistic Fetal Extraction's track-listings of horrendous horror themed story via Aesthetic Enjoyment at The Sight of Violence, Satan’s Incarnate’s Birthday or Holiday in the Libyan Village to Satisfied by Crablouses and Engulfed in Smelly Abyss as well as Exhausting Handjob to Remains Became Dinner or much more sicker violent and slaughtering music escaping out to making your life – either miserable or fantastically, blood filling …

Sadistic Fetal Extraction: