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You That I (Hi-Fi Media Group 2017)

   The talented and famous ex-members of Kiwi (a local girl band); Uka or Ulambayar Davaa  from Ulaanbaatar may giving you a very far dismissed about an image of local traditional Mongolian girl but the beautiful angelic artist comes to broke all of that except her passion for kept singing in her own native language on the good Pop-Rock and ballad record entitled Хөг-Жим (meaning Jim Harmony) and exactly, popularity than before shining bright upon this woman; Pop music lovers might not understand the lyrics but will enjoying it which carries a unique, powerful and exotic re-captures of essential between 60’s and 70’s era on Энэ Хүүхнүүд үү ! (Wow, Please) or Би Чамд Хайртай (I Love You) and Хайр Хөгжим Юм Уу ? (Music is Love) as our lovely Mongolian Pop-princess also loved to not just singing but dance and reading books or browsing the net for more information added to her minds - sharpening her creativity and intuitions.

Yes, you'll dance too (without blinking) !