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Hem White Moon (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2014)

   What’s left behind as the legacy from your Psychedelic era or Hippie-flower generations is these Tokyo, Japan mesmerizing musicians or group calling themselves Kikagoku Moyo (meaning geometric patterns) that instead of forcing themselves forged into the Japanese culture completely, learning some influences from the Hindu’s cultural elements and beliefs straight in India as the historic format sounds from Indie Rock, Progressive Music, Psychedelic  and Worldwide sequences all made in coalition within the band’s performers from Go Kurosawa, Tomo Katsurada, Daoud Popal to Kotsu Guy and the eccentric sitar player - Ryu Kurosawa as might being called as the band’s soul searcher commencing their music towards the great various choices between modern and classic as the atmosphere being build within the massive tones as proven through the second recording release – Forest of Lost Children that reflecting respectively most of thus wisdom spreading within the last era of the sixties and the late seventies even not mentioning the failure of it as well for protesting in peace about designated issues on human civil rights but might getting paid off several years later in a different decade by this Japanese band. Re-written the essential lyrics and pure messages of non-aggressive topics via the melodious music talents and self-esteem of collective souls off the band; the recording sprouting some of their beloved and awesome long-jamming of Prog-Rock popularity interactive attractions on Kodama, Semicircle, Smoke and Mirrors as well as Street of Calcutta – grasping excellent via permanent measurements about reality sounds within the hallucinated realm …

Forest of Lost Children: