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Heavy Eyes (Independent 2016)

   Let the Sabbath children sings and performs as no one can stop the full effects of how Ozzy and Iommi and the crew infecting your rocker generations with riffs and Doomy genre music as the bangs heard really loud for you from these Psychedelic Acid Stoner Rock band from Kota Kinabalu – Sabah of Eastern Malaysia in up-Northern Borneo; writing down their self-inflicted lyrics and songs based on the darker experiences among weeds, black magic and the devil within the quartet of solid Doom-heads: bassist Mohd. Azam, Ahmad Afiq the skinbasher, vocalist Mahmood Ahmad the shredder and Azyan Idayu playing synths have been releasing this mini recording of Wicked Gypsy (as they’d calling themselves) self-titled e.p contains three tracks as stated open by the seven minutes and nineteen seconds as an introduction of the band’s background story song self-title followed by two others like - Gypsy Women as the recording ended for about twenty two minutes and almost reaching thirty seconds last filled up with heavy standard riffs, hallucinated vocals, creepy atmosphere to pretty much various chords to make you head-banging hard and the dark-seed magic occult symbols tailing the effects build there to haunts your stoned daydreams …

Wicked Gypsy: