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Endorphins Guillotine (IOT Records 2017)

   French abstract formatting upon Horrorcore, Hip-Hop beat-maker underground which tinged the effective terror aura over thus horror tunes made chains as groovy scary mixture between Black Music and Techno-invasion and for this classified information about Jules Rigaud who used to be in Planet X or Droogy Brigade if not selling his fame alone as soloist led the steps out of the dark towards the new path of light that blinds most of the audiences within this alias Al Tarba. As the meaning of it is bastard then you knew and realized about how exactly the practical music produced by this guy from Toulouse whose already working with some known international Rappers like Raekwon, Q Unique, Ill Bill and more as the fucking talent French boy curriculum also enlisting more about him that you might wanted to hear before going to the main course on feasting with this releasing record proudly presents by Al Tarba – this is La Nuit Se Leve (Night Rises) as opened by Welcome to Fear City to Ripped Eyes, Now More Fighting which revealing the great comparison of making beats and crossing samples as the good works well-done for making the poor minority brotherhood and Gangsta Music fanatics feeling secure in pleasure as the booty tapping, guns shooting or the mystery messaging that can nails riots in several minutes started like a sound of champions here; those scratches mixing madness also creating back the Classic Old School revolting mission through Starships Loopers feat. DJ Nixon as well as those samples providing criminal minds or harsh conversations via the interludes really come closer to imagining the urban plague issues spreading fast and dangerous for the majority who didn’t aware about what’s happening on the grass-roots may hitting them hard as the economy and political without solutions would be the final aces card left  behind their back. 
Malevolently dark and full of smart lyrics of protests a'la French underground Rap style to the echoes on expanding the calls of prayer to fight the monster giant that conquering your plain life for decades behind the vast concrete jungle on your town.

La Nuit Se Leve: