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God's Replicated (Majemuk Records 2016)

   Di Belakang Garis Musuh (or Behind The Enemy Lines) showing to you about how Heavy Metal Extreme in Indonesia being trapped but not yet captured and sacking inside by those whom in hatred wants to disposing this type of head-banging music from two directions as Grausig – the Death Metal group releasing this album after thirteen years of repression pressures or tensions in between the nation’s politics changes to worse and then, getting worser to today. The ignorant, fanatics and military wings have tried to conquer the essential power by making the common people suffer while the political parties kept their promises to ensuring that all the money flows onto their own fat pockets shall always giving the underground music scene themes for their struggling fights in making distorted, growling and disturbance of metallic music just like Teokrasi Biru, Doktrinasi Cacat Temporer, Pralaya Hipokrit, Infeksi Kanibal Utopia and Doomsday; as the non-martyrdom scene of extremist musicians trying to end the hierarchy of those representative liars and mafia kings to military bigotry factions that kept tearing the country apart since the new regime comes as they’re easily gone and replaced by something worse than the previous inside the satanic circle on false doctrines.

For the real fanatic fucking fans of Napalm Death or the old Sepultura ...

Di Belakang Garis Musuh: