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Gimme Fujiyama (Ikarus Records 2016)

Consisting of two talented but elusive musicians: Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz perhaps – duet partners, lovers or just coincidental, met each other to forming their imaginative turns to reality dreams of how the music supposed to be according to themselves in this Post-Rock/Electro-New Wave or Techno-Punk with Bluesy and soulful heavy monotonous beats colder like the water flowing of melt ice during the changing season from Winter to Spring. Melodic vocals, harmony backing beats surrounding within an Electro-path bathing on Counterfactuals by thus semi-Pop tunes and intimate tempo; creating their good frontal smooth basic music that can either making you feeling the eerie effects or just reluctantly – dancing slow while most of the people didn’t enjoying their world outside daily within the terms of civilized realm effectively not as promising as the audience likes for Jealous of The Sun, Scared as Hell, Outrageous Sin and The Old Laughing Lady which seems to be far from making us happier by any means necessary but sure that one would wishing for this insane Pop-Synth music to reflectively cured the broken people before they’re surrender and going suicidal on their private cells of a retirement house.