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Ghost Head (Electric Earth Records 2009)

Stoner/Doomster/Sludge metallers from Massachusetts  owning their small crown of being the sound-dealers that manage to creating some of those awesome metallic rocking tracks, lyrics and themes forbid from being too close to the main supreme surface of the mainstream with this self-titled; the opening for six minutes and fifty two seconds through White Walls followed by the inner-consciousness of the master wreckage points of views in battle of occult-based duels on Hexe like you can really imagining them completely – this time in nine minutes top and exacts. 

The trio of Jack Donovan, Matt Couto and Nick Disalvo brought this Heavy Psych come crushing just like the clashing Riddle of Steel Pt. 1 and 2 by Elder within the flowing green liquid around the throne of magic master as the nude females guarding the essential sides like a great Heavy Metal painting for every Doom-meister to celebrating the best tunes since Black Sabbath inventing the originals and many pioneers come and go since then.