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Fuck Fox News (Bandcamp 2015)

One D.I.Y artists (and also) an instrumentalist, MC, producer and performer off Gainesville – Florida might storming your living room atmosphere with his works perfectly modern, like being an egoist for himself as king of the couch and having beard but you will loving what his doing here through #Yallweird; yes, Tristan Harvey comes and shall making some people bow down to his genius ideas of making good mixing within samples, live instruments of music as well as putting Hip-Hop, acoustic experimental of lots Funk, Electronic and Rap also EDM. 

Singing the materials himself and as thus rhythm bursts from your speakers, you know damn well that you’re officially a weirdo listening to Plastic Castles, Jack Zones, Fine Cheese to Ocelot. Bet this shit things do turns you on like those girls did too as well via the transformation off the fan-fair of collective weirdo sounds !

Thanks for the help also to Scott Bellew and Evan Walker for the bass playing and the art cover (while) the guy himself doing everything else ...