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Fried Will Me (Rise Above Records 2007)

   Stop stepping and wait, the stomping beats coming from the irresistible Stoner Rock plus Space/Hard Rock persistence cannot be seemingly stopped because you are there witnessing the artistic Progressive heavy music brought by these trio of Andrew Prestidge, Nigel Ingram and Paul Fyfe naming themselves Winters as their existence are protected by some of Black Sabbath’s riff-age mutualism with more Desert Rock of Kyuss like influences and artworks of semi-nature-occultism shared to the audiences whom – either liking old Classic Heavy Metal and Doom Rock to those who also demanding for a great guitar’s melodic solos that can destroying the PA quite easily in short time. Meet Winter’s remarkable outages via Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies album; that first – having an awesome head-banging chords and structure of music with greatness awaits. Second, you might begin to liking them instantly – for the honest metallic meets independent and artworks and tracks of erupting mystic lyrics for Two Wrongs Make a Right, Mark My Word, Life was So Simple, Aftershown to I’m a Destroyer and Endless Fight with thus crashing rough and lighter good sense for rock to breathing free.

Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies: