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Fleshies Plump (Bandcamp 2014)

Listening to Little Hemingways as an opener might giving more attentions on thus whom liking bands Black Lips, La Femme or Ty Segall in the making for this Los Angeles group The May Company bursting Neo-Psychedelic Rock and Garage sounds within the release of Bullyboywithaglasseye perhaps, indicating a forfeit revenge from the loser-clans nowadays to the pretty world that treating them so badly, the story written onto lyrics shall revealing them all. Clever artworks and manifesting how things that too imaginative like big-foot can turned out to be a front cover paintings on their hands; just like this album which having a perverted theme for the front cover with sparkling colors and a bit of Hindu-ism gods marking their way in display. Either you will choose to listening to the entirely or one by one as a try out – from the realistic natural on Wolves in The Woods, Wrap around Porch or It was Good to the more imaginable like Mannequin and Kristen Wiig, dreamy days of long gone friendships moment as God Damn It as the tide of curses below changing thus statement about Hell is for Lovers. 

So, Careful of The Tales You Tell to The May Company.