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First Time Parents (Bandcamp 2015)

   With Uncle E(rik) turned out to be the only member for his own show for making and writing songs of Indie –Pop within the hard influences from the likes of Tulips and Bible Lips truly might forcing you to giving him at least, a thumb up for his hardworking just like a television talk-show with a beginner rookie giving out the music of freedom and sent back the funny boomerang skin jokes, sausage for Pop, Hot-Rock, PissRock or multiple Hollywood’s gossips about good artists being the baddest butts from Ann Arbor, MI – Hot Dad via the record - Woman Titles must have giving most of ugly girls a great complete make-over or binoculars in order to Watch Me Impress You, We Shared a Meal, Classic Eyes, Girl Touch and Sitting Near You (Dreams come true) which becoming a result for the man to creating Most Sin right on the border-lining between rainy and dry season. 

Catch the amusement of Jangle-Pop parade from the stereo as Hot Dad keeps thanking gods for taking care of himself and his musical talents like on the bonus track OPMFTLT. 

One shall interestingly, carving for more of these Indie-Pop music.

Woman Titles: