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First Second (Sublime Frequencies 2016)

V600 sf106   A limited edition recording live on location by Vincenzo Della Ratta within the inserted text or images captured for this enchanting Gong Music from the rites of rituals entitled Various Artists Kwangkay: Funerary Music of The Dayak Benuaq of Borneo as well as the chants of spells traditionally held on one of the family members of the tribes on Eastern Kalimantan region of Indonesia Borneo island. As the holy rituals for Kwangkay the mortuary beliefs system by the Benuaq people where the soul of the death being transforms to Liau the upper heaven parts which considered as a physical body as well as the Kelelungan or the intellect of the head parts; a cosmic location as being connected to those remains of the deceased being a good wisdom men when still lived as the bones or skulls entering the deeper unconsciousness of the in-between world among the living and the dead. All concludes by the most important events such as Ngerangkau (in two versions) meaning the crucial guidance of the night dance in order to delivers the deceased soul entering both good and balancing Liau and Kelelungan on the final destination; entertaining many spirits of the ancestors, the forest guards, the elements of the nature and the good or bad omen as then – ended well for the family and the soul on the journey – as musical pieces uses inside the long house or several families held it together or personal. Haunting, strange native language of inducing-trance gong patterns rhythms after the Titi Mati as the gong piece sharing the recent death events that occurs among the villagers with Nocturnal Soundscape as the bonus for us to may listening and think for a second about the channel transports and living resource along the Mahakam River one of the longest one in the archipelago which essential and sacred for the indigenous people there.