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Firewood Claws (Tender Loving Empire 2011)


   More than ten members existing as the contact with in soft Folk-Pop music might not making you upset anymore; Typhoon troops of Toby, Kyle, Dave, Pieter, Alex, Tyler, Ryan, Eric, Shannon, Jen or Paul etc. delivering us this mini recording: A New Kind of House that performing five piece of beautiful songs like Kitchen Tile or The Honest Truth on a perfect harmonization of vocals, semi-acoustic sounds and outdoor themes.
   Nothing you might wanted to listen than these particular soften lyrics and gracefully tunes knitting into one harmony made well as led by the Folk-Pop and Indie Rock semi-acoustic as well as thus lively musical instruments stronger to cheering in the beginning of first week of Summer after everything blossoms (even) when one just about to encounters something mysterious as they're stepping inside the old wooden building with yellow-ish color and lots of background stories ...

Thank you for the musical that recklessly strong !

A New Kind of House: