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Filthwraith (Crucial Blast 2010)

Eschatology, misanthropy and armageddon believers quartet of Thrash/Black/Death Metal unit that comes from Hagerstown, Maryland's Wolfnuke as the extremity music may painting the sky red and dark while the matters sounding violent and dangerous with the powerful semi-groove on beating the blasts on making a statement towards religious people that the redemption shall never permanently saving you because peace isn’t there anymore and with god’s army running away as the darkness force reigns; be prepared for something hideous and blood-thirsty that way comes. Their monotonous screaming vocals, grinding riffs to the expansive satanic drumming fast and slicing sharps might enjoying the battles filled with blood-bath and victoriously winning as Adam Brown (drums), Jere (guitars), Chaz Campbell (guitars) and Adam Wright (vocals, bass, synths and electronics) providing us within the thematic chaos stimulators through the releasing of Nightwar – the demo tape. Go insanely twart the hot blades and decapitating those religious enemy in lines with Under The Lash of The NeuroGoat exploding and Death-Fire blazing high as the innocent and the pathetic destroyed or burnt.