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Fairytale Grim (Bandcamp 2011)

Being a girl living in a busy country island like Singapore with modernity and new technology always babysitting your walking steps that the truth is not much nature left there to communicates with to Amanda Tee in which her voice and talents kept being creative while telling the stories of her life back to the homeland where most of the world rejoicing as one of the most well-chosen of tourist destinations and great spot for spending your moments with friends and family that used to be just a small pirate’s port turning to one of the fastest developing place on the planet that reaching the status of a wealthy small country. Amanda Tee + The Dugong Warriors presenting this recording release entitled Take it or Leave it as the reasons for Folkish Acoustic Alternative Indie Rock and song-written expressions emerge within the experience while going on Taxi, Boy & Little Girl as well as The Unbearable Lightness of Your Being wisely to Crash as thus tracks which putting thus half-commercial elements of Pop to the Folk-Rock products as then being shared on viral to reach more listeners as the stories about Singapore educates more thoughts to leave the bad things offered there behind but copying the good examples made by them for the future best.

Take It or Leave It: