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Fair Sun Phantoms (Independent 2006)

   With their closer unique combinations of a regular live bands and more funny instruments like glockenspiel or others more traditional musical with standard soft distorted borrowed by the band - Darling off Chicago, Illinois as the practical Alternative Rock to Grunge spirits waving like Seattle Sound flags all over them as the daily honest lyrics and common people themes through the great recording release named Welcome The Ghost. Cool artworks, colorful and filled with more melodies and catchy riffs that should making everyone listening and choose them to be their favorite might happening easily possible. As the great lead vocals or thus solid companionship for each band members sounding solidify Pop merging; one would confusing to pick one or two favorite songs because mostly , eleven tracks from When You Awake, Bad Connection, Trains and Tracks and Please are Welcoming The Show and you – the audience and the listeners too. 

Welcome The Ghost: