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Epileprosy Kiddy Disease (Inherited Suffering Records 2016)

   Guttural, slamming techniques, brutal, savagery laden with the taste of torturing scary views of little piece of hidden hell behind a wall inside your head crossing comes while cranking this Burnley, UK Death Metal group – Kastrated that considering of five-piece members: Wellsy (bass), Smith (drums), Chris (vocals), Moses (guitar) and Tom (guitar)recording their vicious debutfull album as ten tracks available to crushing your beloved pathetic secured life this minutes through Surge of Festering Spasticity which shall blasting to entertains you, your ego and your other psychotic personality within the aggressive extreme metallic music on Alice in Chunderland,  Flidulent Cack-Handedness, Blind of Faece, Mongoloid Ineptitude and also You’ve Been Maimed (Fisted in Beadle) as the negative energy of heavy shreds conquering your overjoyed on mind-blowing being tortured with thus pig-growling vocals or sadistic torturing someone else as the weak bleeding or dying; one will laugh in total madness – copulating between those psychotic orgy group and then giving birth to a new species of humanoid just like a Scat in a Box.