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Enoch (Independent 2009)

   Stoner/Doom Metal band or duo you need to listening as a great product off Morehead – Kentucky within the eccentric keys of real distorted minor injuries for your pathetic minds because the group really craving for abstracts, occults, dreams and doomy themes and calling themselves Old One and never felt ashamed to recording their original creativities through standard, slower and horrifying tempos that can affecting those whom already born by having an anomaly evil feelings inside and of course, the fanatic fans of Black Sabbath or Electric Wizards. You have the duo of a disaster doomy rockers: Mike Cooper (drums, vocals) and Brandon Howard (bass guitars), opening their full studio album released as radish backgrounds of self-titled recording as it consists for five tracks for witching hours just like from the opener track on Warning, the nine minutes Born To Late (#4)as well as thus sixteen minutes durations over the closing song of Witching Hours showing how serious and collectively playing with high techniques; these group really is. As the lady gone naked and the stranger guest ready to do something bad on her – Old One comes to make an album – telling the sad story experienced by Doom-Stoner band !   

Old One: