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Elegy-Wang (Kizuna Media 2012)

   Happening to be from Japan, playing not only J-Rock but the mixture of various combinations between Punk-Rock, Psycho Rockabilly, Rock N’ Roll to Pop that making sense while one listening to the music equally made well in standard skills by these trio of gorgeous Japanese native women using the talents to rock harder and – of course, rock-licious when we had touching the definite recording from The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass as Miki (bass, vocals), Kei (drums, vocals) and Yumi (guitars, vocals) breathing to follow the footsteps of Japanese legendary Alt-Rock girl-group like Shonen Knife and the rest J-Pop Rock genre society that already famous worldwide. Standard rocking faster or a little bit slower but still like riding the highway; most track-listed songs of these fourteen self-written music such as the studio version: Rosario, Baby Baby, Bottle in Absinthe or Cabaret Chain and The Night or thus live recording such as Danzarin, Ressurect or Little Rendezvous sounded naughty but fun might be mistakenly mentions as a male group products or just a regular Punk Rock patent but the potential sounds releasing by the girls would closely turning them to a bigger on stage or becoming nothing and forgotten. 

Gambare - it’s up to themselves …