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Efflorescent Cauterized (Not On Label 2015)

   Pawel Kazimiercak and Piotr Swaider Kruszynski performing the guitars section, Artur Lebecki on bass guitar, Bartek Urbanczyk the drummer/percussions to the former Justyna Gurbisz (ex-the vocalist) uniting as Besides (the band) from Brzeszcze – Poland as they’re giving the messages sent via the musical experiments by experiences of life, loss, memories and ideas of Post-Rock, Ambient or Alternative Rock instrumentals imaginations written and commonly, conducts into thus melodies within harmony of blending music noises and great sounds colliding on thus mesmerizing tracks of peaceful grey-area fulfillments of dreamscapes via Fluttering, Of Joy, A Threnody to Remained and Of Sorrow - out of the releasing record entitled Everything Is. 

Your night-time silhouette of plants growing taller surrounds you shall never sounded so remarkable like these on that moment !

Everything Is: