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Eavesdropper (Sumerian Records 2015)

Thank for fuck shake and God Bless that there still groups of young men concerning for the big picture fights against the grinding global conspiracy and tyrants over the West world and elsewhere as one would finding the music of these Long Island – NY on their latest bombarded album - Subliminal Criminalsis pretty interesting like the mixing of New Skool projects combinations of Rage Against The Machine and interesting noise for change that never really comes as reality – knocking you in the fucking head to wake up once again and smell the polluting Earth screaming for helps needed bad right now and the corporations of giants owning our ass like slaves under the elite tribe consuming the core of our ill-fated society controls by the media. All ready to blown up in such an explosion of angst, of the broken and the have-nots reclaiming back the struggle life – carving freedom as this awesome metallic band – Stray From The Path will guide you over the head-banging tracks and powerful music to face the fear and kill the goliath with bare hands today. Stomping enforcer sounds and groove punching via Outbreak, Badge & A Bullet pt.II, Future of Sound, First World Problem Child or The New Gods proving that our steps are chained by the authority while the religious bastards sodomized you with their holy verse or holy wars like a worthless idiot. 

Fuck it !
We need to stop this shit now !

Subliminal Criminals: