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Eat The Skin (Black Hat Rackets/Cargo 2014)

   Counting your tales of survival for the militant miners looking alike band known as the Australian Horror Country band – Graveyard Train may had its members continuing to write down many tracks with lyrics like a fairytales' ballad story from the outback area to the swampy mist of the tropical places hidden or which cannot be named around the smallest continent in the world where most of the animals living there – either would just sting you or injecting their poisonous venom or you or maybe, eating you whole among thus harsh environments away to the desert, the murky water or the bushes and inside the hell hole. 
   Nothing can easily be spoken but the music mixing between Country-Blues and Indie Rock needs a solution – so Adem Johansen, Beau Skowron, Josh Crawley, Matt Andrews, Matt Duffy and Nick Finch decided to holding hands and keeping the spirits alive within the recording musical release on Takes One to Know One. Calmly sophomore and deliciously terrorizing in the most pleasant way to lullaby your ears to an induced coma by performing tracks with venomous beats like The Parasite, The Chrysalid, The Widow and The Creep as an invisible hand Close The Book making thus losing chapters gone forever with the harmony sitar or banjo melodies through minutes and more minutes flown …     

Takes One To Know One: