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Easy Serpentine (Recess/Razorcake 2014)

   Change your perspective by listening to these DIY Punk Rock assassinations spec-ops from Los Angeles with Hannah Bluemenfeld, Mary Animal, Mike D’Amico, Paul Gonzalez and Reuben Kaiban bringing the essential rebellious debut recording on the self-titled album as themselves as White Murder that sounded like the mixing of The Cramps, X (band) or the stronger version of Poly Styrene spirit raising higher through these Punk Rock power that never aging by centuries of torment and revolution in Rock Music. The black and white photography for their front cover debut as well as thus track-listings of a self-esteemed written or composed sounds really can snap your consciousness as the standard tempos and great non-profit songs blistering while you need to ordering the album by yourself before having a blast with Punk-Rock time cranking the recording on your stereo or PC today. Ten non-persuasive tracks like Rose, Upstairs, Cold Dark Night, Party Crashing and From Hell to Bad Sex would channeling your ignorant minds back to the rebel civilizations in no time whilst the little bit necessity for average romance or daily news around California shall emerge as well through White Murder chosen topics. 

White Murder: