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Dynamo Terminal (No Balls Records 2012)

   Blowing up the tension of your boring weekend with the anthems from the Glamour Punk Rock underground like being stuck in the street parade of Hell’s Angels and exotic dancers in chaotic fun version of pogo-mosh pit as perhaps, you will ended up having few broken bones and awesome feelings attached as these Nottingham-based of heavy mixing between The Ramones and The Stooges influences stick like glue on them as the music rocks. Cranking your Fulltilt Bullshit album by The Hip Priests and see that nothing is totally wrong while you still had Punk Rock shield on your chest through the original line-up blends with those newer bastard members for the band like Lee Love, Skintight Tim to Nathan Von Cruz or Austin Rocket smashing guitars and destroying the six strings and the stage via their second full recording divided into two subs off Tops and Fingers as the howling semi-devastating attitudes and Punk Rock bewildering presents through thus dangerous tracks like Wrist Action, Loud N’ Lewd, Outta My Head (Into Your Pants), Faster Than Fuck or Demon in My Genes – probably shall making your parents puking hard as the mosh-pit squashed them completely ! 

Fulltilt Bullshit: