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Drone Johnny (Mom + Pop 2015)

Call them a Skater-Punk band or Indie-Pop bastards but no matter what you might wanted to asking things about Fidlar – these quartet of young rockers from Los Angeles, CA will always stay the same hard-rocking the blending between popper version of Green Day, Blur, The Cars and The Buzzcocks on the greater new millennium level as fresher as they wanted to be in sounds. The album Too – the second recording releases from Zac Carper (vocals, guitars), Brandon Schwartzel (bass), Elvis Kuehn (vocals, guitars) and Max Kuehn (drums) not selling their dreams like some kind of showbiz bad episode series; Fidlar music is real as the semi-distorted standard of Modern Rock meets the Psychedelic splashes and ballad rock-coustic through Bad Madicine, Overdose, Why Generation to the anthem of temporary forever landscape for Californians on West Coast. 

You got to listen to them, don’t wait.