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Dr. Ssanassinod (Bandcamp 2013)

Five-piece Progressive Rock and band-jamming group from Greensboro, North Carolina consisting of Brent Vaughn (percussions, vocals), Brian Tyndall (bass, vocals), Julian Sizemore (keyboards, vocals), Justin Loew (drums, samples) with keith Allen (guitars, vocals) pursuing their dreams and purposes on spreading the great ideas and talents on performing the progression acts of plenty musical displays via big band sounds like this one and the example for that would likely had its timing if one trying to open and play a recording release from The Mantras such as Jambands Ruined My Life which sounded funny and a little bit odd with the interesting front cover symbolizing how your crowning world shall giving a choice only between good and evil as the wealthy or death – sickness and health within fake love of pure hatred might not getting you nowhere except if you listening to your own consciousness just like this not too easy-listening but more complicated but never confusing album tracks like Kinetic Bump, House of Cards, Water Song or Man You Rawk where Jazz, Funk and Soul kissing Rock straight. 

Jambands Ruined My Life: