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Dissapointed Seduced (Bandcamp 2016)

These ten tons hammering music blistering from Where The Merfalo Roam album as the bursts of empowered gigantic heavy riffs produced by the Seattle, WA’s Sludge/Epic Doom Metal group – Into The Storm perhaps, clearly showing you about how on earth the capital city of Alternative Rock slowly progressing to become more and more changing their fairy face from just being the corporate music media’s sound-labs to the developed heretic land commencing more revolting ideas and influences that comes even before it turns out to be Rock’s new capital decade ago. Seems that nobody can really predicts the main offenders creates by these quartet: Brant, James, Matthias and Oliver for drinking, smoking, discovering and creating a definitive extreme sounds for their own and reclaiming back the underground scene as the city breathing and alive within thus distorted patterns since then. From Sleep’s Holy Mountain base to darkest themes of Sabbath; from the devastating chords and deadly melodies to thus temporary slower stomping beats that kills the audience by occult symbolic, you will have to pray that the deleted darkness exists inside the band’s lyrics won’t spells you a very bad way of luck after listening. Fell Off a Horse, Jobbernaught, Ghostmaker and Truck van Trailer would be great choices to die for the battles …

Where The Merfalo Roam: