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Dime Por Que (Bandcamp 2013)

   Malasiento from Bilbao, Spain using their rocking drums, solo guitars, Hard Rock poetry and loud music on the releasing of Vacios De Cordura literary conducts the term towards how the simple comeback for any Hard Rock band following the great revolutions in Rock History as Alternative Rock sounds not only influencing the music styles but also the fashion as well; turning thus tight leather pants to corduroy or cargo-combats and for Malasiento singing their native language lyrics on tracks like A Veces, Terrible Huracan (hurricane) to A la Luna Muerta as the standard tempo for Modern Rock which sounding average but Javier Martinez (guitars, vocals, chorus), Ernesto Sanchez “Kandinski” on drums, Alberto Fernandez (solo guitars), Julen Vitoria (bass and producer). Didn’t seems to offering only one empty chair; contended and trying to do better even some might commenting that this band sounded like Pearl Jam or Meat Puppets in flesh.