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Devil’s Foursome (Bandcamp 2013)

   Turn the volume as loud as you can and sit down tight because the Power-violence ride of Hardcore Punk Metal will sooner happens closer than you think as these two-piece scum heads of your unknown/non-identity bastards Death Metal mix broken art sounds releasing the Homosexual Tendencies as their fully loaded studio independent album and they’re calling themselves SMHG. Midget Slap, Fist and Make Up, Womb Broom, YOLO is Offensive to Buddhists, P.I.S.P to Talk Shit Get Kissed or 50 Shades of Slayed and Fuckheads Who Don’t Like Mindsnare and many more sickest, shorter, fucking retarded and as stinky as your doggy-ass farts type of anti-mainstream music emerges and created by these ass-holes without being sued or chased by law – might probably a kind of test or the reality living through the fucked-up new millennium era where mankind thought that personal belongings and beliefs cannot be equally shared without copyrighted perhaps not fully correct. One can sharing these shit metallic record and the rest of its impotent aspects to anyone or nobody but one thing needs to be assure here – you got to be goddamn nuts for wanting this album plays on your freaking stereo as a birthday gift or becoming the soundtrack of the collapsing the whole Western world society for legalizing same-sex marriage. 

Ha … Ha … Ha …